DOSTUN POWERTCH PRIVATE LIMITED is an EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) Company. It is  promoted by a group of experienced  professionals and Management experts with deep commitment to renewable energy  in general, and  solar energy in  particular .The  Management  and staff of DOSTUN POWERTECH PVT.LTD.  blend  their technological expertise with entrepreneurship to adore  Mother Earth.

Our Services

DOSTUN POWERTECH Pvt. Ltd  has got a built up   expertise in identifying the best solar components available in the global markets. Our Engineers will work with the customer to select the most suitable solar components (Solar modules, Solar PCU, Solar battery) for him from all over the world. We make the customer a party to the feasibility study, location analysis, shade study, and other preparatory decisions.

DESIGN and installations are very critical in the case of a solar plant .These works are to be done by   qualified Engineers and Technicians as it has to serve you for 25 years.  Our Engineers will prove the best for your specific solar requirements.


The DC current produced by the solar panels flow through a wire conduit leading to an inverter (PCU). The inverter converts the Direct Current to AC and feeds it into the circuits of the    house – hold or to the Grid .In cases where electricity is to be stored for night hours, batteries are use

DOSTUN POWERTECH provides ON GRID & OFF GRID solar power plants to homes and business from kilowatt to megawatt level. The excess solar electricity produced can be sold to the Electricity Board through an ONGRID system. In Off Grid system, electricity is stored in batteries and can be freely used by the customer.


We provide Solar water Heaters of leading companies at reasonable prices. Both FPC and EPC types with or without pressure pump are installed.Continued after sale service is provided.


DOSTUN POWERTECH PVT.LTD Offers  innovative and sustainable MEP ( Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) design solutions as per the national and international standards for all types of buildings including villas , low to high rise buildings , building complexes , and for all types of functions including residential , commercial ,industrial ,educational ,hospital , I C units , X ray plants , hotels , cinema theaters convention centers etc.

We aim to deliver cost-effective design to meet the budget constraints of clients without compromising quality, safety and sustainability. We make use of the latest design soft wares for design optimization.


We also make use of the latest equipments and tools, and our staff members are well trained and highly skilled. We undertake Planning, Designing, Erecting, Testing and Commissioning of all EHT, HT, and LT installations. 


We undertake fire detection & protection system .Smoke detection, fire sprinklers, fire extinguishers and emergency lighting are installed to protect you in case of emergency. 


We provide design and installation of Air conditioning and Refrigeration system for residential & commercial buildings

Lights play a vital  role in modern living.

We determine the required light intensity using modern technology and provide green lighting solutions.

Our lighting experts provide you a total lighting solution from concepts to design and supply. We provide spectrum lighting with right colour temperature and texture, maintaining aesthetics and efficiency.

We cater to the specific lighting requirements of houses, offices, schools, public places, circulating areas and sports arenas. We also offer Dynamic Architectural lighting solutions for projects.




We also undertake AMC of all electrical equipments including Transformers, Generators, Switch Gears, and UPS etc