About Us

DOSTUN POWERTECH Pvt. Ltd. has got expertise in identifying the best solar components available in the global markets. Our Engineers will work closely with the customer to select the most suitable solar components (Solar modules, Solar PCU, Solar battery) for him, from all over the world. We make the customer a party to the feasibility study, location analysis, shade study, and other preparatory decisions.

DESIGN and installations are very critical in the case of a solar power plant. We provide unique designs to each customer after an in-depth study of his specific requirements



The challenge of Global climate change is a reality.  All components of society down from the Governments,  Organizations  to the ordinary households have got a role to play. Renewable energy sources are viewed as a savior of our globe. Solar energy is a recent addition to it.

300 million Indians are in energy poverty. We are adding our mite to address the energy issue. We strive hard to facilitate renewable energy sources to families, Industrial houses and Institutions, Government and private at reasonable rates. We also train our customers in practices of energy efficiency.
DOSTUN POWERTECH, while addressing the various power needs of the customer, ensures that the customer gets back real value for his money. We provide the customer with value products from all over the world on reasonable prices and ensure continued after sale support.